Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

5th June 2023

Paisley Backgammon Board, $550.00 at; Kokoon NightBuds, £240.00 at; The Classic Cave Tent, $949.00 at; Cowboy Pyjamas in Adult Cream, $135.00 at; José Gourmet Canned Portuguese Seafood, $39.99 at; Personalized Golf Tee Holder, £85.00 at; Angel Wing Fleece Robe in Blue, $145.00 at; Block Table Lighter, $220.00 at 

Cafe Leon Dore Apron, $90.00 at; The Conran Shop Set of 3 Stone Plant Pots, $195.00 at; Palmes Yellow 'Harry Balls' Tennis Starter Kit, $96.00 at; Marie-Chantal Peace Candle, $69.00 at; Good Bode Bag, $300.00 at; Jacquie Aiche Vintage Cartier Tank Diamond & 18k Gold Watch at; The Conran Shop Oak, Faux leather and Felt Chess Set, $310.00 at; Aime Leon Dore x New Balance P550 Basketball Oxfords, $130.00 at; Ridge Marble and Aluminum Ashtray, $160.00 at

Woven Stripe Curtis Short, $175.00 at; Woven Strip Coaches Jacket, $245.00 at; Form Logo Hat, $60.00 at; Houseplant Car Lighters, $280.00 at; Striped Cedar Short, $150.00 at; Adidas Samba OG in White, $100.00 at; Houseplant Vinyl Box Set Volume 1, $95.00 at; Leather Traveler Kit, $230.00 at; PICKLD Pickle Ball Racquet, $60.00 at

L'Object X Haas Brothers Wood Salt and Pepper Mills, $525.00 at; Force of Nature Exotic Meats, $12.00 each at; Angel Wing Fleece Robe in White, $145.00 at; Torino Sunglasses, $795.00 at; Magnus No. 2 Metal, Pebble Grain Leather Wood Weights Set, $4,470.00 at; Marie-Chantal Angel Candle, $69.00 at; L'Object X Haas Brothers Mojave Set of 2 Cheese Boards, £445.00 at; Porcini Powder and Dried Wild Mushrooms Collection, $76.00 at; Dome Outdoor Oven, $2,149.00 at; José Gourmet Canned Portuguese Squid, $39.99 at

Balmuda The Speaker, $400.00 at; ALD Porsche 365 Cardigan, $395.00 at; 1774 Arizona Birkenstocks, $470.00 at; Seventy One Gin, £168.00 at; Teno Speakers, $325.00 at; BBQ Grill Oil, $15.99 at; Digital Business Card, $80.00 at; Raffia Tote, $395.00 at; ALD Porsche 365 Poster, $30.00 at; Raffia Wine Holder, $195.00 at

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