Holiday Gift Guide: Children

Holiday Gift Guide: Children

5th November 2023

Les Parisiennes Ceramic Tea, $62.00 at; 14k Rose Gold Star Diamond Bracelet, $1,500.00 at; Sycamore Butterfly, $18.00 at; Angel Wing Fleece Robe in Pink, $125.00 at; Cotton Candy Jeweled Gloves, $38.00 at; Olympia Slipper in Pink, $105.00 at; Mon Ami Princess Paige Doll, $50.00 at; Thousand Jr. Kids Helmet, $60.00 at; Christmas Dog Pyjamas in Pink, $99.00 at; Wonder and Wise Path to Math, $50.00 at; Stieff Sissi Piglet, $39.00 at; Scented Bubbles in Strawberry, $95.00 at

Meminio Keepsake Case, $110.00 at; Paw Patrol Art Smock, $28.00 at; Wood Firetruck Personalized Ornament, $60.00 at; Winter Sports Sleepover Essentials with Bartholomew, $205.00 at; Izipizi Children's Screen Glasses in Red, $40.00 at; Wooster the Elf, $16.00 at; Custom Stockings, at; Amuseable Cauliflower, $30.00 at; Leffy's Christmas Gift Book, $16.00 at; Winter Warmer Otto The Sausage Dog, $45.00 at; Amuseable Croissant, $25.00 at; All Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon at; Natural Wooden Pan Set, $39.00 at

Eclipse Catamaran $13.00 at; Hydro Stars in Blue, $15.00 at; 9 Jumbo Markers, $23.00 at; Seeing Gold Sunglasses, $29.00 at; Angel WIng Fleece Robe in White, $125.00 at; Meri Meri Gold Quilted Angel Wings, $79.00 at; Spalding 90's Floral Basketball, $30.00 at; Large Goose Warming Pillow, $150.00 at; Reusable Magnetic Water Balloons, $14.00 at; The Sound Game, $30.00 at; Propeller Plane, $13.00 at; Micro Kickboard Mirco Mini Deluxe in Blue, $90.00 at; Amuseable Brie, $24.00 at; Pretty Pâtisserie Mille Feuille, $15.00 at

Cat Doll Celestine La Petite Ecole De Danse, $62.00 at; Polar Playdough, $6.00 at; Christmas Dogs Pyjamas in Blue, $99.00 at; Tonies Playtime Puppy Tooniebox, $99.99 at; Paw Patrol Dinnerware, $35.00 at; Jingle Bells Music Box, $10.00 at; Angel Wing Velour Loungewear Set in Blue, $189.00 at; Mon Ami Prince Jean Luc, $40.00 at; Cake Batter Mochi Ice Cream, $12,00 at; Kids Electric Toothbrush, $100.00 at; Lefrik Scout Mini Backpack Printed Flowers, $62.00 at; Charlie Chair in Ocean, $186.00 at; The North Pole Box, $27.00 at

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