Holiday Gift Guide: Kids

Holiday Gift Guide: Kids

24th October 2022

Lamp Red Dragon, £148.00 at Lacorbeille.Fr; Custom Leather Phone Case, £45.00 at; Phone Ropes, £6.00 at; Izipizi Junior Screen Red Sunglasses, £30.00 at; Plan Toys Rubberwood Toy Drum Set, £212.00 at; Angel Wing Loungewear Hoodie Gift Set in Burgundy Velour, £105.00 at; Kidiwolf Children's Fur Headset in Brown, £22.00 at; Large Stuffed Giraffe, $963.00 at; Classic Whip SPF 30, $22.00 at; 4Yoto Player, £89.00 at; Jimmy Fallon x MSCHF Gobstomper Shoe, £249.00 at

Bloomy Kids & Co.Tapis de Yoga Enfant in Boho Moon, £47.00 at; Little Bunny Nightgown in Pink, £55.00 at; Billes and Co Box of 62 Marbles in Unicorn, £25.00 at; Mushie For and Spoon in Blush, £7.00 at; Mushie set of 2 Cups, £10.00 at; Bear Print Pillow, a Marie Chantal in Store Exclusive; Angel Wing Fleece Robe in Pink, £75.00 at; Izipizi Kids Plus Pastel Pink Sunglasses, £30.00 at; Little People Big World, Women in Art, £25.00 at; Marie Kondo Rose Pink Kid's Wall Mount Book Shelf, $35.00 at; Rabbit Pillow in Blush a Marie Chantal in Store Exclusive; Flower Power Alcapa Wool Crown in Pink, £36.00 at

Meri Meri Florence Sequin Tulle Angel Doll, £65.00 at; Flower Garden Organic Cotton Doll Stroller, $48.00 at; Christmas Dogs Instarsia Knit Sweater, £149.00 at; 5 Hole Pencil Sharpener, £9.00 at; Otto the Loyal Long Dog Book, £10.00 at; Otto the Loyal Long Dog Book, £10.00 at; The Olympia Slippers in Gold, £65.00 at; Small Mr. B' Eagle in Smoked Oak, £77.00 at; Small Balloon Dog in Oak, £75.00 at; RS3 Iroko Wood Outdoor Football Table, £3,600.00 at; Natural Wood Pan Set, £25.00 at; White Reindeer Baby Large Stuffed Animal, $388.00 at

Small MC Suitcase, £25.00 at; Gold Foiled Temporary Tattoos, £30.00 at; Green Telephone, $54.00 at; Christmas Dogs Pajamas, £59.00 at; Catchall Templo Wave, £30.00 at; Custom Children's Door Sign, £70.00 at; Green Gingham Tree Napkins, £7.00 at; Manners Begin at Breakfast: Modern Etiquette for Families, £20.00 at; Crosley Voyager Bluetooth Turntable in Khaki, £85.00 at; Little People Big Dreams, Earth Heros, £25.00 at; Nature Memo Game, £15.00 at; Maileg Small Rabbit in Pajamas, £29.00 at; MC's Holiday Pyjama Gift Set, £109.00 at

The Angel Wing Jogger Cream, £49.00 at; The Angel Wing Cream Hoodie, £65.00 at; Super Hero Costume in Teal Blue, £45.00 at; Short Cloud Pyjama in Yellow, £55.00 at; Izipizi Kids Pastel in Lemonade, £30.00 at; The Grumpy Fairies, £7.00 at; Mini Logan Suitcase, £185.00 at; Louvini Arielle Wooden Bead Phone Strap Yellow, £30.00 at; Polaroid Originals Instant Camera Box in White, £128.00 at; Shirley Sheep Slipper, £29.00 at; Sour Flower Organic Fruit Gums, £4.00 at

Manhattan Toys Decorative 8 Piece soft Toadstool Junior Bowling Set, $47.50 at; Cowboy Pyjamas in Cream, £59.00 at; Big Little Universe Food Grade silicone Beach Bucket Set, $45.00 at; Bespoke Name Diamond Bracelet, £1000.00 at; Mister Tody Cardboard Aeroplane Costume, £34.00 at; Pointelle Star Crawler Set in Grey, £119.00 at; Sylvanian Grey Rabbit Family, £19.00 at; Cam Cam Wooden Kitchen in Grey, £229.00 at; Mon Ami Schannel Lux Shih Tzu in Grey, $69.00 at; 

Ready To Gro Set, $25.00 at; Hay Yatzy Set in Blue, £39.00 at; Vilac Grand Piano with 30 Keys and Sheet Music in Black, £144.00 at; Izipizi Kids Plus Sweet Blue, £30.00 at; Moxie Robot, $1000.00 at; Thousand Hertiage Children's Bike Helmet in Black, $60.00 at; Cowboy Pyjama in Blue, £59.00 at; Gravity Phone Case, $30.00 at; Intelinano Smart Train Starter Set, £100.00 at; Dubblefilm Show Film Camera in Blue, £54.00 at; Dotty Dachshund Slipper, £34.00 at

Roller Skates in Light Blue, £93.00 at; Jubilee Queen with Corgi, £19.00 at; Exclusive Artbats with Balls, £120.00 at; Printworks Dusk Puzzle, £17.00 at; Printworks Dominos, £26.00 at; Nomad Pencils, £7.00 at; Off White Kids Logo Sweatshirt, £215.00 at; Vulcanized Lace Up, £220.00 at; Liewood Hilda and Rake in Royal Blue, £15.00 at; Remember Wooden Backgammon Game, £68.00 at; Exclusive Ping Pong Art Table, £1,300.00 at; Erzi Spaghetti Tin, £6.00 at 

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