Holiday Gift Guide: Women

Holiday Gift Guide: Women

20th November 2023

Luxe Jersey Pyjama in Blue, $169.00 at; Lily Daisy Stationery Pack, $325.00 at; Wonder Oven, $170.00 at; Hand Shower Infusion Upgrade Kit, $190.00 at; MH Studio Personalized Sarah Box, $390.00 at; Love Heart Pajama, $170.00 at; Little Book of Prada in Leather, $98.00 at; Renpho Eyeris Eye Massager, $70.00 at; Roz Healthy Hair Kit, $140.00 at; Ziip Halo, $349.00 at; Marie Chantal Angel Candle, $99.00 at; Ranavant Glossing Hair Masque, $65.00 at; Pequi Curl Activator Anti Frizz Curl Booster, $27.00 at; Superpower Thickening Hair Patches, $80.00 at

Manifestation Pad, $26.00 at; Bespoke Tennis Balls, $55.00 at; Hatch Belly Masks, $14.00 at; Angel Wing Fleece Robe in Pink, $185.00 at; Stanley Quencher Tumbler, $35.00; Blemish Defeater, $22.00 at; Shearling Slippers, $99.00 at; Angel Wing Wash Bag Large, $95.00 at; Marie Chantal Love Candle, $99.00 at; Smythson Jewelry Case, $295.00 at; Christmas Dog Pyjamas, $169.00 at; Hatch Belly Oil, $64.00 at; U Beauty Trio Set, $168.00 at

Simply Seeds Salad Topper, $22.00 at; K18 Hair Mask, $29.00 at; Luxe Jersey Pyjamas in White, $169.00 at; Paravel Carry On Suitcase, $395.00 at; Racquet Rose (Case of 6), £120.00 at; The Bring a Bottle Wine Carrier, £550.00 at; Esker Kit, $85.00 at; MC's Ultimate Luxury for Mama Gift Set, $845.00 at; Koso Japanese Probiotic Drink, $75.00 at

Lyma Laser Starter Kit, $2,695.00 at; Age R Booster, $280.00 at Medicube.comEpres Bond Repair Treatment, $48.00 at; Our Place Dream Cooker, $225.00 at; Everynight Blazer Naema, $1,594.00 at;The Beauty Sandwich SS01 Secret Sauce, $800.00 at; Drop Aviator Sunglasses, $690.00 at; Perfumehead, $425.00 at; The Crown Affair The Finishing Gel, $42.00 at; Reverence de Bastien Horn Nail Buffer, $212.00 at Modaoperandi.comAdidas x Wales Bonner WB Samba Ponyhair Sneakers, $180.00 at; Theracup, $150.00 at; Cowboy Gift Set, $350.00 at

Hermes Suitcase at;Spaghetti Western Puzzle, $40.00 at; Facial Ice Roller, $40.00 at;The Phillip box (30 Personalized Candles), $1,500.00 at; De Soi Sparkling Non Alcoholic Aperitifs, $25.00 at; Smoky Citrus Ornaments, $60.00 at; Desert Water, $18.00 at; Bienaime La Vie En Fleur Solid Soap, $35.00 at; Ciao Sleep Mask, $50.00 at; Rubirosa Combo, $76.00 at; Jovi 3 Pack of Period Pain Relief Patches, $325.00 at 

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