Holiday Gift Guide: Women

Holiday Gift Guide: Women

29th November 2021

Open Studio Book, $75.00 at; Ordinary Habits 500 Piece Puzzle, $4.00 at; Gucci Travel Set, $1,100.00 at; Tanner Krolle Annabel 18 Leather Box Bag, $2,100.00;Hermes Nail Enamel, $45.00; Dyson Supersonic Hair Dyer, $429.00 at; Reservations Needlepoint Pillow, $102.00;Oishii Omakase Berries, $50.00; Bienen Davis x Aureta Gold Tubular Xenon Minaudiere with Black Swarovski Crystal Case at; Rootine Personalized Vitamins, $60.00 at; Vejo Pod Blender, $130.00 at

Silk Throw Pillow, $236.00 at; the Ritz Women's Crewneck Sweater in Navy, $598.00 at; Westman Atelier Brush Colleciton, $470.00 at; Set of Two Hand Embroidered Dally Guest Towels, $50.00 at; Limited Edition Hyaluronic Serum Glow x Olympia of Greece, $65.00 at; Nuface Mini Facial Toning Device, $146.00 at; Adult Angel Wing Fleece Robe in Blue, $135.00 at; Azlee Horizon 18k Yellow Gold Agate Diamond Earrings at; Plant Based Cleaning Product Bundle, $75.00 at; Hermes Chypre Sandal, £670.00 at; The Silverspoon Classic Cookbook, $59.95 at

Willo Personalized Harvest Membership, $99.00 per month at; Johanna Orbitz Set of 4 Mist Jade Platanera Napkins, $180.00 at; Cigass Object Coconut Shell in Brass, £480.00 at; Milo Classic Dutch Oven, $95.00 at; L'Atelier Nawbar Malachite Baguette Yellow 18k Gold Ring, $2,200.00 at; Minnie Muse Celine Seashell, $630.00 at; Octavia Elizabeth 18k Gold Emerald Ring, $1,000.00 at; La Savane Dinner Plate, $249.00 at; Saint Louis Folia Light Crystal Lamp, $2,160.00 at; Paul Arnhold Glass Spotted Glass Ornament, $57.00 at; Bottega Veneta The Chain Pouch Leather Bag, $3,800.00 at; Baguette Baker in Linen, $140.00 at; Patio Nightgown Dress in Ivy, $118.00 at; Minnie Muse BHH Seashell, $630.00; Wicker Box Planter, $265.00 at; The Polo Bar Framed Matchbook, $175.00 at

Adult Cowboy Pajamas in Pink, $129.00 at; Lumity Female Supplements, $85.00 at; Pink Gold Luxury Pencil Set, $31.00; Cirrus No 2 Streamer in Pink, $130.00; Rose Triple Star Diamond Bracelet, $1,400.00 at; Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blkush Stick, $48.00 at; Misui 18k Gold, Morganite and Beryl Ring, $4,580.00 at; Grow Fruit and Vegetables in Pots, $28.00 at; Dr. Dennis Gross Spectralite Faceware LED Light Therapy Mask, $435.00 at; Rose Quartz Heart, $88.00 at; Evan Sweatshirt, $169.00 and Evan Jogger Sweatpants, $149.00 at;

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