How to Host a Baby Shower

How to Host a Baby Shower

28th November 2022

Baby Showers are a big milestone on every expectant mother’s journey.... They allow the mother-to-be to celebrate with her friends and family, and to be showered with gifts in preparation for her new bundle of joy. Baby showers have grown in popularity and can be anything from a large celebration to a small intimate lunch with just a handful of close friends. They typically last around 2 hours and include a light lunch and dessert, with games and gifts. If you're welcoming a second or third child, then consider throwing a "sprinkle," a smaller version of a baby shower party with only immediate friends and family. It is normal for the guest of honor's mother, family friend or best friend to host the party. While hosting a baby shower, it's important to keep in mind the expectant mothers likes and wants; and of course, to keep her stress levels low. Keep reading for our mini guide on everything you need to get organized ahead of the special day.


WHEN: Baby Showers are generally held 6 weeks before the due date or in the 7th month of pregnancy. Choose a date and time with the mother-to-be that also works best for the soon to be grandparents. WHAT: Showers can range in price anywhere from $200.00 - $1,000.00 andcosts can add up quickly. Decide before you start planning what your budget for the shower is. WHERE: The shower can be held in a restaurant or in a private home. If you do choose to host in someone's home, this can keep costs down. WHO: Open a conversation with the expectant mother about who she wants at her shower and start to form a guest list. The number of guests should be dependent on your budget, space available and who the guest of honor would like there.


Once you have the basics down, now comes the fun! Deciding on a theme.... Have fun with it, go crazy on Pinterest, but also keep in mind the expectant mother’s style and taste. Do you know the sex of the baby? or do does the mother want to keep it gender neutral? The answers to these questions can help you form a color palette. Once you have a theme in place then you can work out invitations, decor, flowers, and favors.

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Invites should be sent out 6 weeks before the shower. Discuss with the expectant mother if she prefers to send out paper or virtual invitations from companies like Paperless Post. Make sure to include the information for the parents’ registry, besides honoring the arrival of baby, the celebration showers the parents with gifts they need to take care of their new child. Consider Registering at: The Tote, Maisonette, Target, Amazon, Baby List, or My Registry (which allows you to create your own custom registry using multiple online stores). Other great place for gifts is, of course, Marie Chantal, for all newborn and hospital bag essentials. Head back to our home page to create an account and dream up your very own wish list for you and baby.


Baby showers are usually a light lunch... think healthy salads, quiches, crudité, fresh fruit, finger foods like tea sandwiches and of course an indulgent cake or dessert station. Keep in mind the mom will need pregnancy safe foods (this means no sushi and unpasteurized dairy products.) Ask what the guest of honor's favorite foods are or if there is anything she is craving. You can even create a special custom 'mocktail' for mom... so she doesn't feel left out. If you're hosting at home, try cooking and sticking to recipes that are easy to create, easy to eat and can keep at room temperature. If there are any foods that can play into your theme, even better! If you're hiring a caterer, make sure they're booked and discuss and choose menu options. Don't forget to ask guests about any food allergies.


A baby shower wouldn't be a shower without a few fun games... think trivia, guessing and name games, etc. Here is a link of a few favorites that might be great for your party. Also, be sure to have small prizes on hand for the winners. Consider arts and crafts activities like decorating onesies, bibs, or plain wooden blocks.

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