Kids Style Guide: Back to School

Kids Style Guide: Back to School

16th August 2021

Cloud Print Pajama Set in Blue, $65.00 at; Children's Polar Bear Cape, $125.00 at; Oso & Me 3 Mask Set in Signature Dot, $24.00 at; Maya Angelou Book, $£9.99 at; Busy Bees Cotton Poplin Face Mask in Light Blue, $8.00 at; Clear Radar Large Plastic Eraser, £3.00 at; Design Letters Thermos Bottle with Straw, £26.00 at; Mokuyobi Pencil Zip Pouch in Happy Breakfast, $16.00 at; 2nd Grade Banner, $28.00 at; Petra Boase Iron on Snake Patch, £3.00 at; Composition Books, $10.00 at;

Little Bunny Pyjamas, $129.00 at; Children's Light Blue Gingham Bear-y Sweet Eye Mask, $16.00 at; Liewood Barty The Bear Beige Teddy, £31.00 at; Little Bunny Nightgown, $65.00 at; Mint Kaweco Skyline Pencil, £18.00 at; Meri Meri Bear Ear Headband, £6.50 at; Petra Boase Iron on Seahorse Patch, £3.00 at; Polarbox Cool Box Coloured Handle Blue, £26.00 at; Non Toxic Play Dough in Cotton Candy, $7.00 at; Silicone Mealtime Bundle in Wildflower Chambray Blue, $64.96 at; Lunch Notes Set, $22.00 at; Hand Held Pastel Blue Zenith Plier Stapler, £32.00 at; Moulin Roty Explorer Sticker and Coloring Book, £8.50 at;  

Little Bunny Nightgown in Pink, $65.00 at; 3rd Grade School Banner, $28.00 at; Rockahula Rainbow Bright Alice Headband, £8.00 at; Paume Antibacterial Hand Gel Travel Pack, Set of 2, $28.00 at; Little Bunny Pajama in Pink, $69.00 at; Sticker Book, $12.00 at; Lunch Box in Miso Moonlight, $45.00 at; Rose Gold Paper Clips, $6.50 at; Week to Week Mega Desk Notepad in Daisy, $14.95 at; Lunch Lady Magazine at; Pink Oak Leaves Face Covering for Child, $8.75 at; Hershel Nova Mini Mineral Backpack in Ash Rose, $74.00 at;

Cloud Print Pyjama Set in Pink, $65.00 at; Vilac Rainbow Large Painting Set, $18.00 at; Write on Pencil set - Take Care, $10.00 at; Star and Crown Print, $65.00 at; Hello Kitty Printed Patch, $16.00 at; Girls Can Sticker Patch, $12.00 at; Personalized Classic Large Pouch, $68.00 at; Office Depot Brand Plastic 6 inch Ruler, $1.49 each at; Art Masterclass with Claude Monet, £9.99 at; Children's Pink Kitty Eye Mask, $16.00 at; Jojo Factory Baby Pack Bag in Beige Fruit, $54.00 at; Snacks Pounch, $67.00 at

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