Mini Guide to Spetses

Mini Guide to Spetses

15th August 2021

Every summer my family and I set off for Greece. We always start and spend a few days in Athens, before heading off to the island of Spetses. Here are some of my favorite spots on the island...

Spetses has been a favored destination of the Greeks, as it's only a two hour ferry ride from Athens. What makes Spetses so unique is that it doesn't have the Cycladic white house architecture, but instead, the island features a more Neo Classic Venetian atmosphere. Be sure and book your stay at Hotel Poseidonio or Hotel OrloffThere is a lot of sightseeing to do, start at the Old Harbour Lighthouse, Bouboulina Museum, or rent a bike or motorbike to discover the island.

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There are endless beautiful beaches to visit, I highly suggest renting a Kaiki Boat and taking an afternoon to travel to different coves around the island. Pro Tip: arrange your boat rental months in advance. When the sun starts to set, sit in the main Port for a drink, this is a great rendezvous spot for meeting family or friends. The Port also features a few great cafes, gelato stands and shops. Before dinner it's always fun to do a little shopping, definitely check out the boutiques, Soho Soho and Ratih.

Spetses is known for its Horse and Carriage Rides, as the promenade is closed to cars and motorbikes from 7pm to 2 am. If you are in a hurry to get from the port to Orloff (my favorite restaurant), Tarsanas or Porto Vecchio Pizza then the horse and carriage is a must! For the younger crowd, the after dinner hotspot is Bikini.

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