Parenting Conversation: Using Astrology to Parent More Effectively and Magically

Parenting Conversation: Using Astrology to Parent More Effectively and Magically

2nd April 2023

Whether or not you’re the type of mother who has her child’s chart done as soon as the ink on the birth time is dry, astrology can be a beautiful gift in connecting with your baby and later your toddler and beyond. Of course, you can do a quick search of how your sun signs connect. I’m a Virgo and my daughter is a Cancer. Our signs indicate that we both love being cozy at home and doing creative projects, but it’s important for us to venture out and discover new things, lest we become complacent. This is so true for us. On days I have a free schedule, once our leisurely breakfast and coffee time is over in the morning, we know it’s time to hit up a museum or an art class, schedule a playdate or go on a hike. When we return, after lunch, we can delve into reading under blankets or building gnome villages out of air dry clay, making home an artistic refuge. I’m a Cancer Rising and she’s a Virgo rising, a happenstance that is actually quite common and is said to help us instinctually relate to our children. My husband is a Sagittarius, which means he’s naturally able to recognize the ways in which our daughter needs to ease into situations and can’t be rushed. He draws her out of her little Cancerian shell in a way only free-spirited Sag can.

Simply put, tuning into astrology is just another way to practice awareness in parenting and in life. How does my child react when placed in particular atmospheres? Does she come alive in crowds or cower? Does she respond better during one-on-one play dates? Does she love being super active in team sports like soccer, prefer more singular activities like tennis or gymnastics or thrive on hikes and nature walks? Are you putting your own interests, will, and goals on your child or listening to their natural rhythms and inclinations? If astrology is the tool that aids parents in asking these questions, of seeing their children as entities outside of themselves and their own images then it may just be the most vital thing in your relationship with your daughter or son.

Astrology also delves into the four elements of earth, fire, water, and air. These are beautiful avenues to talk about how our children are feeling and what to do with our hours. Perhaps we’re having a day where we need to ground our feet into the grass or sand and dig into the mud. Maybe we’re feeling lit up and want to watch flames dance in the fireplace, have dinner by candlelight, or roast marshmallows outside. Perhaps, we’re feeling dreamy and want to take a warm bath or go for a long swim. Or it’s a day that we just want to let the wind fly through our hair as we run around outside or ride bikes as fast as we can followed by a mindful breathwork together. Try checking an app to see where your transits are for the day to help you decide, or tune into your needs simply by being quiet together for a moment and deciding where to go next.

Our lives can be hectic and chaotic. If we don’t listen to when our own bodies need rest or movement, when we’re not properly nourishing ourselves, when we don’t sit down to learn something new or read for the pure pleasure of it, then how will our children gain understanding of their own needs? We are their teachers. Astrology may not be your thing and that’s fine, maybe you’re an Earth sign with a lot of cerebral energy! But the sentiment that astrology provides is universal—we are all unique beings. We are affected by what goes on around us in nature and through other people. It is our task to stay alert to these things and create our own boundaries and practices to achieve balance whenever possible in our existences.

In essence, astrology encompasses the whole vast sky. We can teach our kids which planets, the sun and the moon are assigned to each zodiac sign. Ask them what their favorite planet is. They’re all there even when we can’t see them. And that’s what’s so wonderful about astrology. So much of it is about the unseen. We can use our imaginations, dance and play in the cosmos. Allow a little magic in. 

This article was written by the author of Baby's first Zodiac, to introduce readers to each of the twelve signs and their very best qualities, from spirited Aries to the gentle Pisces. Sweet rhymes and gorgeous art will encourage little ones to explore their own unique traits, interests, and talents, and to learn about the star signs of family members and friends. No matter your sign this is a delightful reminder all the wonderful things that make you YOU!

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