Style Edit: Back to School

Style Edit: Back to School

21st August 2022

Jojo FactoryBest Friend Pencil Pouch, $16.00 at;The Future Starts Now Clipboard, $19.00 at; Cheesy Pencil Set, $7.00 at;Large Bumble Lamp in Red, £89.00 at; First Day of Kindergarten Banner, $26.00 at; Velour Angel Wing Sweatshirt in Burgundy, £55.00 at; Izipizi D Junior Screen in Red, £30.00 at; Monogram Foldable Pencil Pounch, $110.00 at; Paper Paper Bin, £35.00 at;Love Heart Children's Heart Pajamas, £55.00 at; Haps Nordic Sandwich Bags (Set of 2) in Terracotta, £16.00 at; Colour Storage Round, £25.00 at; Lunchbox Notes, $18.00 at

Monogram School Satchel at;Oversized First and Last Day of School Pencils, $26.00 at; Hello Tomato Activity Book, £13.00 at; The Possibilties Endless Notebook, $30.00 at; Write on Pen Set, $15.00 at; Lion First Light Lamp, £75.00 at; Botanist Case, £49.00 at; Hang On Paperclip Set, $10.00 at; Ecobirdy Charlie Chair in Vanilla, £159.00 at; Airplane Pajamas, £59.00 at; This is Venice Book, $16.00 at; Dusan Dusan Everybody Trash Bin, $78.00 at

2023 Academic Year Wall Planner, £15.00 at; State Kane Kids Backpack with Rainbow Sequins, $95.00 at; Foldable Storage Crate, $7.00 at; Grech and Co. Sunglasses in Light Blue, £22.00 at; Custom Cooler Bag at; The Cherry Blossom Jogger, £55.00 at; The Cherry Blossom Hoodie, £75.00 at; Emile Et Ida Floral Pouch Ecru, £16.00 at; Silicone Bento Veggie Garden Box, $25.00 at; Fluf Zipper Love Lunch Pack, $32.00 at

Silicone Bento Box Mini Floral Hunter Green, $25.00; Monogram Leather Tassel Zipper Pouch, $49.00 at; Yeye Sunglasses in Khaki, £51.00 at; Bear Print Pajamas, £55.00 at; Angel Wing Velour Sweatshirt and Jogger Set in Blue, £95.00 at;Eames Small Elephant Stool, £76.00 at;Milinane Noe Backpack in White, £47.00 at;Goal Tracker, $11.00 at; Fluf Flip Snack Pouch in Blue, $9.00 at; State Mini Kane Kids Backpack with Dragons, $78.00 at; Jose on the Go Lunch Set, $47.00 at; Grech and Co Hair Clips in Blue, £7.00 at

First Day of Preschool Banner. $26.00 at; Teacher Notes, $13.00 at; Penco Scissors in Navy, £15.00 at; Draw Your Own Custom Tote, $150.00 at; Juene Premier Midi Twin Rex Bag in Blue, £128.00 at; Magic Eraser, £1.00 each at; Juene Premier Football City Bag in Chrome Green, £43.00 at; Young Soles Sonny Sandals in Retro Leather, $85.00 at; Marvel Avengers Glow in The Dark Freezer Pack, $8.00 at; Faux Fur Lace Up Sneaker Booties in Navy, $62.00 at; Letter Patch, $30.00 at

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