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Welcome to Marie-Chantal's stories. Designed for a light and easy read over a cup of hot-chocolate and snuggles with your little ones. This month's issue delivers inspiration and tips to dazzle and shine for the party season! December is the month of Christmas tree decorating, gifting and partying. From DIY crafts, baking recipes and stories behind our designs and inspirations, Marie-Chantal Stories has a range of topics to suit everyone this December.

Get ski-slope ready!

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With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, what plans do you have in place? Whether you've decided to take the kids to brave the downhill slopes in the Alps or you're staying in town to visit Christmas markets in the weekend, shield those little bodies from the cold with these woolly and cosy outerwear picks from Marie-Chantal. 

As always, the beauty lies in the details. Each button on each coat is subtly engraved with our Marie-Chantal logo with the Heather Coat pulling extra stops by having our Marie-Chantal crest stamped on the metal buttons embodying the authenticity and sophistication behind our brand. 

Beat the Winter chills and explore our coat collection here. 

MC SPOTTED - Little Revolution Magazine, Christmas Edition

The countdown to Christmas officially begins. Filled with glitter and glamour and all things pretty and nice, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for both children and adults. With endless present wrapping and roast dinner prepping, deduct party attire from the equation of troubles and let Marie-Chantal help! Silk, tulle and sparkles - choose [...]

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The History of the Fair Isle

On an island far far away, hands started knitting in front of the fire, waiting. In that vast and fascinating section of water between the Shetland and the Orkney Islands, the island is remotely situated in the North of Scotland. Fair Isle is a magical landmark screaming Once upon a time... but also imbued with the [...]

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HOW TO: Easy DIY Thanksgiving Cards

Besides the stress of cooking a Turkey all day and the seemingly bottomless number of Turkey sandwiches to follow, Thanksgiving is an auspicious occasion. Being surrounded and consumed by the company of loving family and friends is a blessing speaking for itself. What are you thankful this year? How about expressing them in these sweet and [...]

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Winter Home Decoration Ideas

When the weather holds a frosty bite and daylight seeps away at 4pm, Winter has crept its way in. Peering through the window, it's easy to get side-tracked by the gloom however there is an easy cure to your Winter blues. Detach your attention from the harsh Winter winds by giving your home a quick [...]

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ACCESSORIES GUIDE; Jazzing up an outfit

Five minutes before leaving the house, one final check in the mirror and there is something puzzling you. Your dress is crinkle-free and lustrous with every seam and stitch in place in the perfect shade of shell-pink but something is missing and it rattles unsettlement within you. What is it? What could it be? [...]

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Simple Halloween face-painting ideas!

With the end of October closing the corner from the bend, it's time to roll the pumpkins out and dust cobble-webs off the candy buckets because Halloween is close-by. We have experienced the adrenaline of preparing a last-minute Halloween costume and make-up to complement so we can promise, improvising is possible and it does not [...]

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MC SPOTTED - Baby London Magazine

Maya wears; Velour Gold Angel Wing.The Angel Wing is inspired by Princess Marie-Chantal's son Acheilles and has become our exclusive signature design since the company was established in 2001. Made from the softest materials, Cotton, Velour and Cashmere, each Angel Wing is crafted with tender care guaranteeing a gentle touch against baby's delicate skin. At Marie-Chantal, [...]

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Halloween Sweet Treat: Easy Zombie Cookie Recipe

At Marie-Chantal, we unarguably adore themed parties and we have this in common with children! As soon as they sense Halloween's arrival, the desire for carved pumpkins, spooky decorations, costumes and candies become impossible to ignore. Whether there are plans in place for an extravagant Halloween party or adorning your home with the occasion theme [...]

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MC SPOTTED - Little Revolution Magazine

Featuring on the 17th Issue of The Little Revolution Magazine, Autumn/Winter Edit, discover and learn all about this season's Winter style for children here.Girl wears:Velvet Dress - Golden SandsVelvet is simply irresistible this season. With its ultra plush-soft texture, our Velvet Dress guarantees attention from every corner at any event. Available in two tones: glamorous Golden [...]

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