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Christmas traditions by The Marie-Chantal Team

Here at Marie-Chantal we have brought together some Christmas traditions we adore and hold close to heart to share with you. From festive preparation to magical moments of bliss, Christmas is a special time for children and parents.

We hope you enjoy the fascination behind each tradition below and on behalf of the Marie-Chantal team, we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Rita:- As a child Christmas Eve was the most wonderful magical moment that culminated with Baby Jesus leaving gifts on our shoe left around the Christmas tree. After dinner we would leave our shoe by the tree and go to a room where we would pray in front of a scene of the nativity, excitement was high as we knew baby Jesus would soon drop in and leave either gifts if we had been good or a bag of coal if we had been bad on our shoe... at my grandparents house this room was upstairs and the tree was always in the hallway by the front door. As we prayed the front door would close shut with a loud bang and we would run down the stairs drawn by the wrapped gifts... excited as we were to find out what we had received we always stopped by the window to see if we could catch a glimpse of baby Jesus running to the next house to deliver their gifts. One year I could swear I saw his bare foot slipping out of the front gate ... my shoe was filled with toys and not a lump of coal in sight. Happy Christmas!

Virginie:- So far it is Christmas 2016 with the most emotional gift I have ever received from my sister:
She has made a USB key (kind of Christmas 2.0 aha) with music from my date of birth until now remembering all the good moments together or the most important ones for me, it was probably the most memorable gift someone has ever made for me.

Fiona:- Magic Reindeer Food

The label says:

“On Christmas Eve sprinkle this Magic Reindeer Food on your lawn. The magic glitter sparkling in the moonlight and the smell of the oats will guide Rudolph to your house”

In the run up to every Christmas I fill up the little brown bag of Magic Reindeer Food with oats or bird food mixed with a little glitter and put it on the mantelpiece.

When my girls were young they loved going into the garden on the evening of Christmas Eve to throw the Magic Reindeer Food onto the lawn to entice the reindeer to visit! Once the little bag was empty I secretly rattled a sleigh bell to get them back in the house and off to bed before Father Christmas came.

Even although they are now nearly grown up we all still pretend that it is Magic Reindeer Food and they insist on doing it ever year – a Christmas tradition in the McGregor household!

Denise:- The first is Christmas tree related, the 8th of December is when traditionally my family does the Christmas tree.

Always the same day and it was always a fight. My mom used to say i was auto electing myself the boss of the tree, nobody was allowed to attached anything on it until it was approved by me and if they did attach a decoration, when they were not looking i always moved them around. In the process of making the tree the best was when finally at the bottom of the decoration box we found the tree topper.

The Christmas fight was moving to another level and me and my sister used the tree toppers as swords and we used to duel, i don't even remember how many we have broken this way! by the way my is still not using tree topper because of this hahahahha

Also another year we decided to use real chocolate decorations and we ended having no tree way before christmas basically hahahahha

I miss decorating the tree with my mom and my sister!! :)

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