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Happy National Popcorn day!

January 20th is National Popcorn day and since it falls on a Saturday this year, this calls for prime family time at the cinemas, surrounded with sugar-high drinks, snacks and of course, popcorn. Whether you're pro-savoury, pro-sweet or half-half, grab your 3D glasses and get ready for a cinema adventure with the children.

Explore below our top movie picks and reviews that agree with adult opinions yet satisfy children's fantasies and musical flavours.

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Coco by Disney Pixar Animations

As avid creators of vibrant animation strung with chords of fantasy and heart-warmth, Disney Pixar brings together what they do best into their latest production, Coco.

Set in Santa Cecilia, Mexico we follow Miguel discovering his musical dream and passion in a family where music is banned. This family decree stems back to Miguel’s great great Grandmother, Imelda Rivera who holds music accountable for the divide in her family causing her husband to leave her and their daughter, Coco behind in pursuit for a musical career. Rebelling against the multi-generation old custom inlaid within his family, Miguel signs up for a performance show on Mexico’s national public holiday, Day of Dead only to find himself quite literally, perched on the opposite dimensional landscape, with the dead. Now stuck on the other side, Miguel begins exploring his ancestral past, crossing paths with his musical idol, Ernesto de la Cruz only to discover secrets encouraging a pivotal plot twist.

A composition of humour, bright colours and heart-thrumming music, Coco will keep their eyes and attention gauged at the cinema screen for the full one-hundred-and-nine minutes. Akin to the likes of other poignant musical fantasy animations previously created and blessed with global success, The Lion King, UP and Moana, Disney Pixar challenge their creative capabilities once again to explore the sadly sweet unspoken of life and loss.

Rating: 3.5/5

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Paddington Bear 2

The sequel of everybody’s favourite community-centred fuzzy and furry friend, Paddington Bear 2 is finally out of the production pipes and showing in Cinemas scoring raving reviews across multiple sites.

Generous spirit, upright decency and a firm believer of stellar manners, Paddington is set in the darkest of Peru in search for a birthday present for Aunt Lucy. He comes across a unique handmade pop-up book which he sets out to gather the missing finances for only for it to then be snatched away effortlessly by a chicanery of a showboating actor not long after.

Showcasing his natural essences and endearing charms, Paddington continue to capture the attention and affection from viewers in this sequel, bringing endless laughter to the audience from as small a gesture as finding himself hanging from a ceiling fan of a barber shop. Be ready to want to hug every inch of the cinema screen and heart-warming fuzzy feelings in the tummy with our everybody’s friend, Paddington.

Rating: 4.5/5

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Ferdinand by 20th Century Fox Animation

Based on The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson, 1936, the story follows a baby bull named Ferdinand, on an adventure with his mellow and amicable spirit and flower-obsession persona in Madrid. After discovering his innate guise, he confirms his apathy towards a dream of fighting with his fighter bull father and skitters away to a field of sensational blooms, after learning his inescapable destiny.

Surrounded and absorbed in a plethora of sweet scents, Ferdinand befriends a human girl and her sheepdog and soon forms friendship bonds as they proceed to show Ferdinand landscapes differing from the ranch he came from.

Witty, light and sweet, Ferdinand is an adorable flower-sniffing bull every child and adult will melt into a pool of molten lava over. With National Popcorn day round the corner, this movie will make you forget the popcorn and pinned in the centre of Ferdinand’s mild temperament and naivety.

Rating: 4/5

Enjoy and Happy National Popcorn day! 

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