Diaper Bag Essentials

Diaper Bag Essentials

7th August 2023

How does one efficiently organize and store all your baby's essentials in one bag? And what do you need when you leave the house with your newborn? It can quickly become overwhelming and before you know it your diaper bag is overflowing with unnecessary clutter that will most likely go used. Continue reading for our Diaper bag essentials and what a perfectly stocked diaper bag should look like. 

Mom Pro Tip: Get in the habit of cleaning out and re-stocking your diaper bag daily, so you don't accidentally leave the house empty handed.


  • Diaper Bag: Store all baby essentials in one place with our carefully crafted baby bag made from Canvas and Leather. Designed with zip fastening, a detachable shoulder strap, push-chair straps, two exterior pockets and six interior compartments with bottle and phone pockets. Includes a changing mat, $585.00 at
  • Diapers: Rule of thumb is to pack one diaper for every 2 hours you are out for the day, Coterie Diapers, $100.00 for one months supply at
  • Wipes: Besides the obvious, wipes also come in handy for cleaning sticky hands and messy faces. Consider a travel size pack to take up less space, 4 pack of wipes, $30.00 at
  • Diaper Cream: Also consider travel size instead of a full size container, Pipette Diaper Rash Cream, $5.00 at
  • Changing Pad: Most diaper bags come with a changing mat, however, if yours does not try Percale to Go, $45.00 at
  • Disposable Diaper Bags: When you’re on the go and want to wrap up and contain your unpleasant smelling diapers. Eco Wave Biodegradable Bags (100% biodegradable and 100% compostable), $20.00 at
  • Hand sanitizer: In case you can't wash your hands after changing your baby, Paume Antibacterial Gel, $28.00 at


  • Pacifiers: Have a few on hand to stop a fussy baby, and make sure to store them in a pacifier container to keep them clean. Ryan and Rose Non Toxic Pacifiers, $5.00 at
  • Bottles: Pre measure any formula for convenience while you're out. If you have breast milk, consider storing it in an insulated bag with an ice pack. Natursutten Glass Feeding Bottle, $30.00 at
  • Bib: Makes for a less messy feeding with bottles or solid food, Bloom and Wind Bib Set in Blue, $11.00 at
  • Baby Food and Snacks: Baby food, snacks like cheerios and cut up fruit in spill proof containers are perfect, Mushie Snack Cup, $14.00 at


  • Change of Clothes: For yourself and your baby in case of any accidents while away from home, Angel Wing Print Two Piece Set, $65.00 at
  • Ziplock Bags: To store any soiled clothing until you get home, Gallon Ziplock Bags, $11.00 at
  • Baby Hat: In the summer a wide brim hat to protect from the sun and in the winter a knit hat to stay extra warm, Angel Wing Knitted Hat, $50.00 at
  • Sunscreen: For playdates in the park, to protect your little one from harmful UV rays. Ebaviva Organic Baby Sunscreen, $23.00 at
  • Muslin: These are Great to use as a nursing cover, burp cloth, light blanket for baby or to drape over your stroller when your baby is napping, Set of 3 Printed Muslins in Pink, $89.00 at
  • Toys: A book, soft stuffed animal or teething toy in case you need to pre-occupy or entertain your child, Sophie the Giraffe, $25.00 at

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