Holiday Gift Guide: Men

Holiday Gift Guide: Men

12th November 2023

Celine Homme Printed Wooden Skateboard, $1,150.00 at; Georg Jensen Sky Ice Cubes (4 Pack), $49.00 at; Aime Leon Dore New York Mets Socks, $100.00 at; Angel WIng Robe in Blue, $185.00 at; Christmas Dog Pyjamas, $170.00 at; Tirrena Pasta, $17.00 at; The Jetsetter Suitcase Ornament, $22.00 at; Solid Fragrance, $60.00 at; Caan Roadies, $36.00 at; Humane AI Pin, $700.00 at; The Fieldhouse Mirco Green Grow System, $292.00 at; Mr. P Babouche Shearling Lined Suede Slippers in Blue, $170.00 at; Pentire Adrift, $40.00 at

MC's Winter Pyjamas, $169.00 at; Brionvega Classic Radiofonografo Stereo at; Maison Bonnet Custom Reading Glasses at; 12oz Colster Can Cooler, $25.00 at; Whitesville Japanese Made T-Shirts (2 Pack), $95.00 at; Marie-Chantal Joy Candle, $65.00 at; Japanese BBQ Sauces Set, $45.00 at; Kith Classics for AdidasOriginals Gazelle Indoor, $130.00 at; Jubilee Collection Fusion, $495.00 at; St. Barths Freedom Book, $105.00 at

Burberry Checked Hot Water Bottle, $410.00 at; Carthusia Olive Wood Fusion Razor + Base, $250.00 at; Tulip Set, 12 Pieces, $295.00 at; 215P Men's Crew Beck Shirt with Pocket, $85.00 at; Skyview Light, $449.00 at; All Things Butter Chilli Butter, £3.30 at; Leon Corduroy Hat, $35.00 at; Taschen Ai Weiwei 40th Anniversary Edition, $30.00 at; Elite Shaving Soap and Bowl, £45.00 at; Carthusia Olive Wood Shaving Bowl, $150.00 at; Simba Sunglasses, $470.00 at; Aesop Eau de Parfum in Karst, $195.00 at

Turn Over A New Leaf Leather Notebook, $85.00 at; Aesop Hand Soap and Lotion Set, $115.00 at; Avocado Vase in Green Grass, £52.00 at; John Woodbridge Makers Leather Vintage Training Gloves, $180.00 at; Detox/ Debloat Duo, $58.00 at; Boyhood Ballon D'og Small Oak Figurine, $90.00 at; Cannon Beach Pickleball Paddle, $85.00 at; The Facekit Bundle, $110.00 at; The Elder Statesmen Striped Cashmere Blanket, $4,000.00 at; Brunello Cucinelli Winter Escape Full Grain Leather Grooming Case, $1,895.00 at; Graphic Image The Drunken Botanist Leather Hardcover Book, $95.00 at; Yohei Fukuda Shoes, $1,912.54 at

Pure Hemp CBD Tobacco Free Cigarettes, $13.99 at; Kith for Bergdorf Goodman Crest Catchall Tray, $45.00 at; Hannah Polskin Menorah Sculpture II, $1,250.00 at; Unisphere Down Puffer Jacket, $475.00 at; Leather Tennis Ball Holder, $350.00 at; Dovo Astrale Straight Razor, $215.00 at; Serotonin Soak Salts, $39.00 at; Smart Rope, $80.00 at; Blackberry Rose Sleep Formula CBD + CBN Gummies, $56.00 at; Monogram Forge Heated Ice Press, $1,500.00 at; Packing Cube Quad, $65.00 at; Cotodama Lyric Speakbox at

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