Marie Chantal's Easter Edit: Adults
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Marie Chantal's Easter Edit: Adults

13th March 2022

Easter Parade Basket, $88.00 at; Medicis Almonds (Set of 6), $240.00 at; Large Fluffy Chicks, $18.00 at;Daniela Villegas Rabbit Diamond 18k Gold Ring, $3,767.00 at; White Angel Wing Adult Robe, $145.00 at; Pink Marc Champagne Mini Easter Egg Truffles, £25.00 at; Leone Orange Blossom Candy, $3.50 at; Sculptural Bunny Vase, $50.00 at; Embroidered Bunny Towels, $35.00 at; Ceramic Candle in Crisp White Linen, $26.00 at; Panjandrum Birds Egg Crate, £13.00 at; Gucci Tiger Women's Princetown Slipper, $980.00 at; Sculptural Bunny Lazy Susan, $100.00 at

Loewe Pink and White Mini Gingham Shoulder Bag at; Lobmeyr Alpha Rabbit Water Tumbler, $188.00 at; Yali Set of Right Glass Cocktail Stirrers, $335.00 at; Jelly Bird Eggs, $7.50 at; Trevo Guest Soap Box Set, $34.00 at; The Solid Felt Pen Set, $14.00 at; Pink Fleece Angel Wing Robe, $145.00 at; Lobmeyr Alpha Rabbit Water Tumbler, $188.00 at; Little Parade Decoration Set, £112.00 at; Afternoon Tea Dinner Napkin, $198.00 at; Boy Diamond Pendant in Yellow Gold, $2,000.00 at; Home is Where the Eggs Are by Molly Yeh, $27.00 at; Le Monde Beryl Velvet Mary Jane Flats, $234.00 at; Sour Bunnies, $8.50 at

Salted Caramel Seagull Eggs, £13.00 at; Moda Domus Set of Six Lily of The Valley Ceramics Cereal Bowls, $230.00 at; Irene Neuwirth Tropical Beryl, Tourmaline and Diamond Earrings at; Brown Rattan Rabbit (Pair), £64.00 at; Lettuce ware Canape Plate (set of 4), $98.00 at; Little Bunny Adult Pajama in White and Blue, $122.00 at; Floral Meadow Napkins, $50.00 at; Moda Dumas Lily of The Valley Tumblers, $130.00 at; Daffodil Valley Decoration Set, £132.00 at; Blue Gingham Frilled Easter Basket, £28.00 at; Lettuce Ware Covered Tureen, $358.00 at; Spring Meadow Wine Glasses, $148.00 at

Bottega Veneta Stretch Raffia Sandals, $820.00 at; The Tale of Peter Rabbit, $1,150,00 at; Augarten Wien Pear Shaped Vase with Corn Flowers, $100.00 at; Some Bunny Loves You, $7.00 at; Blue Fleece Angel Wing Robe, $145.00 at; Leone Vanilla Cady, $4.99 at; Leone Anise Candy, $3.50 at; Clover Drop Earrings, $295.00 at; Amber Taper Candles, $32.00 at; Mini Easter Bunny Basket, $64.00 at; Moda Domus Raffia Lined Glass Oil and Vinegar, $175.00 at; Frilled Blue Chintz Apron, £32.00 at; Hand Painted Wine Box, $700.00 at; Sonder and Holliday Paloma Fan, $47.00 at; Peter Rabbit Book Box with White and Milk Chocolates, £12.00 at

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