Marie-Chantal's Easter Edit : Children
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Marie-Chantal's Easter Edit : Children

27th March 2023

The Little Bunny's Nightgown Selection Box in Pink, $99.00 at; Grapefruit sours, $9.00 at; Floral Gift Set, $225.00 at; Jellycat Wee Pig, $20.00 at; The Little Bunny's Pyjama Selection Box in Pink, $99.00 at; Bunny Bark, $35.00 at; Birthday Cake Caramels, $9.00 at; Floral Ruffle Collar Onsie, $49.00 at; Meri Meri Embellished Floral Bunny Headband, $28.00 at; Pink Fuzzy Bunny Heels, $424.00 at; Peter Rabbit Seven Piece Mini Chocolate Bar Set in Blue, $12.95 at

Sophie La Girafe, $25.00 at; Fleury Daisy Jitter by Jellycat, $24.00 at; Wood Egg Sound Memory Game, $48.00 at; Izipizi D Junior Sun Yellow Honey Sunglasses, $40.00 at; Jellycat Yummy Lamb, $23.00 at; MC's Mama and Me Gift Set, $149.00 at; Fillable Cardboard Egg, £7.00 at; Openwork French Basket, $186.00 at; Jellycat Caboodle Bunny, $23.00 at Mariechantal.comThe Little Rabbit Book, $11.00 at; Stacking Bunnies, $25.00 at; Alexandra Ruffle Collar Onsie Bee Embroidery in White, $49.00 at; Aristidis Hairbrush with Crest, $35.00 at

The Olympia Slipper in Pink, $89.00 at; Handwoven Easter Basket with Cherries, $178.00 at; Salted Caramel Seagull Eggs, $17.00 at; Panjandrum Birds Egg Crate, $17.00 at; Ariel Cashmere Romper in Ivory, $275.00 at; Set of 6 Marbled Party Crackers, $98.00 at; Manners Begin at Breakfast, $25.00 at; Aristidis Hairbrush with Crest, $35.00 at; Pair of Lambs, £24.00 at; The Deon Gift Set, $135.00 at; Easter Metal Eggs, £8.00 at; Peter Rabbit Slippers, $68.00 at

Meri Meri PomPom Bunny Costume, $28.00 at; Peter Rabbit Kids 3-Piece Melamine Set, $65.00 at; Robin Pima Cotton Pyjama in Cream, $69.00 at; Meri Meri Alfalfa Bunny Large Toy, $65.00 at; How Can We Be Kind Book, $8.00 at; Sweet Bunny Easter Bucket, $72.00 at; Ticking Stripe Dinner Plate, $11.00 at; Daisy Gingham Pom Pillow Cushion, $45.00 at; Monogrammed Green Gingham Picnic Basket, £46.00 at; Baby Butterflies Gummies, $9.00 at; Bath to Bed Gift Set, $155.00 at; Izipizi D Junior Sunglasses in Pink, $40.00 at; Meri Meri Gingham Bunny Cushion, $58.00 at 

The Little Bunny Nightgown Selection Box in Blue, $99.00 at; Robin's Egg Candles Nest, $19.00 at; Gingham Floral Easter Flag by Thread Mama, $10.00 at; Angel Wing Halo Gift Set in Dusty Blue, $125.00 at; The Little Bunny's Pyjama Selection Box in Blue, $99.00 at; Robin's Egg Caramels, $9.00 at; Maileg Small Rabbit, $45.00 at; Easter Basket and Egg Hunt Set, $60.00 at; Chocolate Confetti, $9.00 at; Bear Print 2 Piece Set in Blue, $65.00 at; Peter Rabbit Milk Chocolate Bar, £7.50 at; Buggy in Flipper Wagon, $319.00 at

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