Marie-Chantal's Summer Edit: Children
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Marie-Chantal's Summer Edit: Children

5th June 2022

The Stripe 2 Piece, $65.00 at; Kids Sim Ballet Rose Havaiana's, $18.00 at; Girls Capeside White Tie Knot One Piece, $64.00 at; The Premium Beach Umbrella in Dusty Pink Check, $299.00 at; Meri Meri Floral Star Wand, $18.00 at; Cash and Co. Blushing Rainbow Snapback Hat, $25.00 at; The Stripe Dress, $69.00 at; Esplar Laces Chromefree Leather White Petale Ouro Kids Shoes, $95.00 at; Self Reflect Rose Probiotic Sunscreen, $26.00 at; Izipizi Kids Plus Sweet Blue (3y - 5y), $40.00 at

The Floral Romper, $59.00 at; Swim Wings in Cherry Blush, $22.00 at; The Floral Print 2 Piece Set, $79.00 at; Izipizi Kids Plus Pastel Pink Sunglasses (3y - 5y), $40.00 at; The Dipp Ball Pit in Mallow Fluff Velvet, $199.00 at; Dragon Sprinkler in Blush, $56.00 at; Business and Pleasure Sling Chair in Pink Stripe, $249.00 at; Bre Sandals in Rose, $26.00 at

Kinship Self Reflect Sunscreen, $26.00 at Lovekinship.comSille Swim Jumpsuit, $53.00 at; Izipizi D Junior Sun Pink (5y-10y), $40.00 at; Minnow x Zimmerman Citrus Grove Sandal with Removable Fringe, $70.00 at; Baby Citrus Grove Hat, $38.00 at; The Angel Wing Hoodie in Pink, $89.00 at; The Angel Wing Jogger in Pink, $65.00 at; Peach Daisy Classic Pool Ring, $50.00 at; Girl's Citrus Grove Smocked Bikini, $64.00 at; Apricot Fringe Pool Towel, $39.00 at

Per Recycled Nylon Swim Trucks in Royal Blue, $44.00 at Smallable.comGill Sand Moulds 4 Pack, $14.00 at; Izipizi Kids Pastel Lemonade Sunglasses (9m - 3y), $40.00 at; Baby Bum Mineral Sunscreen at; Girls Yellow Bows, $12.00 at Minnowswim.comMitch Beach Ball, $21.00 at Liewood.comThe Cherry Blossom Hoodie, $99.00 at; The Cherry Blossom Jogger, $69.00 at; Girls Yellow Bow with Tails, $14.00 at; Rattan Wonder Wagon in Rose, $159.00 at; Leonore Pool Small, $39.00 at

Jack Nubuck Sandals in Blue Fog, $93.00 at; Nordic Blue Classic Pool Ring, $50.00 at; Talmadge Trunk in Marigold, $44.00 at; Checkboard Badmiton Set, $48.00 at; Izipizi D Junior Sun Yellow Honey Glasse (5y - 10y), $40.00 at; The Airplane Romper, $55.00 at; Shark Fin Dive Buddies, $20.00 at; Pipette Mineral Sunscreen, $50.00 at; Beach Cart, $245.00 at; The Airplane Pajamas, $59.00 at; Baby Bum Coconut Balm, $10.00 at

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