Princess Marie-Chantal's Tablescape Edit
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Princess Marie-Chantal's Tablescape Edit

21st September 2021

Since I was a little girl, I have always loved pretty table settings. My mother would bring me over to her friend's homes for lunches or teas and they would always set the most memorable tablescapes. I loved the way some of her friends would decorate their tables with flowers and other beautifully unique objects. For example, little baskets for bread can set a tone, as well as little vases with assorted floral arrangements.

I’ve written a book, "Manners Begin at Breakfast," with a chapter on eating and dining at the table. I show you through diagrams, how to place your knives, forks and where to place glasses etc. For me, being gracious while hosting is great manners. It shows your guests you are taking the time to create a welcoming ambiance, while also respecting and loving your home. Now, more than ever, especially with Covid, all of us are spending more time at home entertaining family and friends. So why not spice up your tables with some fun and whimsical ideas! A little bit of effort goes a long way.


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