Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

11th April 2022

SolaWave wand, $149.00 at; Regalis Caviar at; Loveseen Lash Applicator Tool, $34.00 at; Alina Magic Mushroom Caftan in Orange, $363.00 at; Salad Freak Cookbook, $24.00 at; Ginger Candle, $208.00 at; Colazione Italiana Box, $88.00 at; Nak Armstrong 20k Rose Gold Petite Rose Studs with Ethiopian Opal, $3,550.00 at; Loup Charmant Organic Cotton Bloomer Brief, $47.00 at;Ircana Orange Napa Leather Bow Detail Sandals, $895.00 at; Goopgenes Clean Nourishing Lip Balm Trio, $42.00 at; Manolo Blahnik Gable 70 Buckled Suede Mules, $845.00 at; Prenatal Multi Power, $69.99 at; Issimo x 24 Bottles Clima Yellow Water Bottle, $46.00 at

Mother and Child Book, $95.00 at; Feather Print Short Pajamas, $135.00 at; Adult Angel Wing Fleece Robe in Pink, $145.00 at; Love Heart Pajamas and Eye Mask, $155.00 at; Staycation Detoxifying Sea Salt Bath Soak, $58.00 at; Happy Mothers Day Heart Card, $6.25 at; Organic Postpartum Herbal Bath, $22.00 at; Peach and Guava Bellini, $12.00 at; Lapin Small Domed Cake stand, $331.00 at; All Moms Have Super Powers Card, $6.25 at; Ostrich Feather Trim Contessa Slipper, $740.00 at; Crumbl Cookies, $50.00 at

John Derian Kitchen Delights Notebooks, £20.00 at; L'Avant High Performing Dish and Hand Soap Set, $58.00;Diamond Spiral Earrings, $2,695.00 at; De-Stress Gummy Vitamins, $69.00 at; Rose Triple Star Diamond Bracelet, $1,400.00 at; Agua by Agua Bendita Palmera Cotton Midi Dress, $620.00 at;Diamond Name Pendant, $1,300.00;Los Encajeros Set of Four Marina Embroidered Napkins, $195.00 at;Body Plane Set, $85.00; Issimo x Feliero Sarti Orbetello Sarong, $300.00 at; Angel Wing Bracelet in Gold, $1,310.00; Muun Line Woven Straw Tote Bag, $128.00;Sabre Bamboo Cutlery, Set of Five, £88.00 at; Les Belles Heures Il Pellicano Scarf, $160.00 at;  

Ghia Aperitif, $33.00 at; La Douzaine Parfumme of The Louve Set, $184.00 at; Rainbow Burlap Napkins, $72.00 at; Adult Angel Wing Fleece Robe in White, $145.00 at; Leopardo Candle, $189.00 at; Walnut Place Card Holders (set of 4), $248.00 at; Nile Gym Scarf in Saffron, $350.00 at; Winemakers Favorites Flight Tasting, $49.00 at; Bel Candle Set, $175.00 at; John Derian Poppy Chocolate Tin, £45.00 at

Essential Set, $175.00 at; Girl Diamond Pendant in White Gold, $2,000.00 at; Gold Snake Black Slides, $225.00 at;Visione Di Luce Eye Revitalizing Cream, $285.00 at;A Dozen Core Collection Cookies, $168.00; Super Multi Mushroom Gummies, $25.00 at; Unplugged Cordless Styler, $299.00 at; The Brush No. 002, $62.00; Bespoke Mama Changing Bag, $395.00 at; Prada Printed Twill Scarf, $220.00 at

Bloom Wind Adult Kimono Robe, $99.00 at; Cantucci di Prato Mattei Biscuits with Almonds, $12.00;Limited Edition Hyaluronic Acid Serum Glow x Olympia of Greece, $60.00 at; Melatonin Diffuser, $40.00 at; Florence Dress, $795.00 at; Alison Lou Stellar Letter 14k Gold Enamel and Diamond Necklace, $1,075.00 at; Bea Bongiasca Baby Vine Tendril Gold, Silver, Enamel and Rock Crystal Ring, $675.00 at; Droplette Mircoinfusion Device, $299.00; Perelel Multi Mom Support Vitamins, $48.00 at; Crane Breast Lactation Massager, $34.99 at; Haas Tic Tac Toe, $1,100.00 at;  

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