Parenting Lifestyle Q&A: Serena Hood

Parenting Lifestyle Q&A: Serena Hood

22nd January 2024

Serena Hood, a former Executive Fashion Director at British Vogue, has created sold out events and written countless style and fashion edits for Vogue magazine and other various media sites. She has also worked for Vogue US, Giorgio Armani and Marc Jacobs. Serena and her business partner launched Collagerie in 2019, an expertly curated website with the best fashion, interiors, beauty and lifestyle, celebrating shopping at every price point; with every product being a testament to the two founders, Serena and Lucinda's brilliant taste. 

Serena currently lives in London with her Husband and two daughters. She sits down with Journal 22 to discuss who gives the best Hydrafacial in London, why she prefers checked bags when traveling and how creating your own luck was the best advice she ever received. 

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