Parenting Lifestyle Q&A: Alexis Traina

Parenting Lifestyle Q&A: Alexis Traina

30th May 2023

Alexis Traina found herself exasperated during the endless days and months of the pandemic —when everyone was glued to their mobile phones 24/7— expressing themselves through little blue and gray text bubbles, sprinkled in with emojis. Thus how HiNOTE was born, to elevate how you communicate daily and bring your messages to life... digitally. HiNOTE offers personalized & polished communication right at your fingertips, from your mobile phone. If you missed it, download the app now and check out Marie-Chantal's collaboration with HiNOTE. Alexis currently lives in San Francisco with her husband and two kids. She shares with Journal 22 where she wants to travel to next, how the best thing about parenthood is rediscovering her childhood and why she's known for her chocolate chip cookies.

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