Parenting Lifestyle Q&A: Anastasia Ganias - Gellin

Parenting Lifestyle Q&A: Anastasia Ganias - Gellin

3rd October 2022

Anastasia Ganias- Gellin's journey has been shaped by many roles over the years, mother to three boys, wife, certified yoga instructor, and documentary filmmaker. As an award-winning actress, her dynamic career has spanned over two decades, working with major networks like HBO, Showtime, and ABC. However, it's her role as daughter and first generation Greek that gravitated her towards the healing powers of her kitchen and to produce her own Greek extra virgin olive oil, Fancy Peasant. Through her organic beginnings she teaches people how to cook simple Greek recipes from her family's village in Greece using her organic 'liquid gold.' Anastasia sits down with Journal 22 to talk about her favorite Greek dish, how she gets her kids over jet lag when traveling and why she's been hinting at a trip to Paris. 

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