Parenting Lifestyle Q&A: Denise Vasi

Parenting Lifestyle Q&A: Denise Vasi

19th March 2023

Brooklyn-native, Denise Vasi first became well known for her high-profile modeling career and memorable acting roles. Over the years and through her notoriety she organically built an inclusive digital community, which led to the launch of Maed in 2018. Maed is an online resource that focuses on clean beauty, self-care, mindfulness and life balancing tips for women who juggle it all. As the Founder, Denise has exponentially grown her close knit audience with her well informed recommendations for health, beauty and wellness. 

Denise currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children. She shares with Journal 22 where she's booked her annual summer trip this year, why practicing self care daily takes priority and how spontaneous dance parties are the most fun thing about motherhood.

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