Parenting Lifestyle Q&A: Natasha Finch

Parenting Lifestyle Q&A: Natasha Finch

26th December 2022

Natasha Finch along with her co-founder, Lavinia, were compelled to fight modern slavery and inspired by the fine fabrics and beautiful designs of the East. They founded Beulah, an ethical luxury womenswear brand with a social mission: to empower vulnerable women through the business of fashion. Using fashion as a force for good, Beulah customers feel beautiful and empowered, knowing that their choice of clothing has changed lives. The married mother of 3 (Georgia 7, Cienna 5, India 2 and their dog, Coco) currently resides in Gloucestershire. Natasha dives into fashion, motherhood and more; telling Journal 22 what music you can find playing in her kitchen, why communication is the key to a successful marriage, and how living well means finding balance.

Photographs by: Antonia Pena.

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