The Evolution of Our Angel Wing

The Evolution of Our Angel Wing

4th December 2023

Established in 2000 by Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, our visionary Founder, Creative Director, Mother of five, and accomplished Author. Marie-Chantal conceived the idea for the company while expecting her third child, drawing inspiration from her journey as a parent—a profound influence that continues to shape the brand.

It all started with an Angel Wing, our distinctive Angel Wing design can be traced back to the birth of Marie-Chantal's son, Achilles. Evolving into our iconic logo, the Angel Wing symbolizes the essence of our brand and is interwoven throughout each collection. Initially featured on velour onesies for newborns, these ethereal wings have gracefully adorned an array of items, including children's clothing, knitwear, bathrobes, and candles.

The timeless allure of the Angel Wing remains an inspiration for both our designers and cherished customers. Our signature Angel Wing sleepsuit stands as our fastest-selling and most beloved style globally. Crafted from the gentlest fabrics - ranging from cottons to velours and cashmere—the Angel Wing collection caters primarily to newborns up to 18 months, offering sleepsuits, onesies, blankets, and more. Infusing a touch of magic into essential items, the Angel Wings seamlessly embody our brand's playful values.

We are so proud of the evolution of Marie-Chantal - from those picture-perfect newborn moments that are synonymous with our much-loved brand, to the lifestyle destination that we are today. Beyond the iconic Angel Wing, the eponymous label now encompasses "Manners Begin at Breakfast," Marie-Chantal’s best-selling guide on modern family etiquette, along with cosy collections featuring newborn essentials, signature sleepwear, beautiful loungewear and our best-selling Angel Wing capsule.

Embracing the philosophy that "Life’s Better Cozy," we cater to the entire family, from newborns to toddlers, teens, and beyond, including our Match your Mini Collection. Simultaneously, we remain a sought-after choice for gifting, offering exquisite gifts for babies, siblings, mothers, and parents-to-be. Whether celebrating baby showers, first birthdays, or christenings, our curated selection ensures that both parents and babies receive gifts they will cherish.

Olympia Slipper in Gold, $105.00 at; Marie-Chantal Angel Candle, $99.00 at; The Deon Gift Set, $179.00 at; Briony Angel Wing Cashmere Cardigan in Ivory, $249.00 at; Deon Angel Wing Two Piece Set, $85.00 at; Angel Wing Cashmere Pointelle Blanket in Ivory, $315.00 at; Angel Wing Velour Sleepsuit in Gold, $95.00 at; Angel Wing Velour Dress in Baby Cream, $119.00 at

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