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20th August 2023

Fluf Gingham Square Lunch Box, $39.95 at; Kreafunk aHead II Bluetooth Headphones in Blue, $153.00 at; Polarized Weefarers in Blue, $35.00 at; Light + Nine Stay Cool Set, $14.00 at; Mama Thread School Flag, $9.50 at; Kids Dinosaur Digital Alarm Clock, $20.00 at;Light + Nine Rock On Set, $14.00 at; Angel Wing Velour Sweatshirt & Jogger Set in Blue, $129.00 at; Fluf Flip Snack Bag in Blue Bread, $7.95 at; Fluf Snack mat with Blue, $10.95 at; Monster Patch Borg Denim Jacket, £167.00 at; Fanvean Colored Pencils, $4.00 at; School Year of Cheer Pad, $20.00 at

First Day of School Banner Bundle, $99.00 at; Lilies and Roses Pencils Vibrant Colors, $18.00 at; Izipizi Children's Sunglasses in Pastel Lemonade, $40.00 at; Kitten's Tea Party Pyjamas in Vanilla, $89.00 at; How Can We Be Kind, $10.00 at; Number 2 Pencils, $7.00 at; Kitten's Tea Party Eye Mask, $25.00 at; Corduroy Color Block Backpack, $92.00 at; Sunday Happies, $28.00 at; Sticker Book Issue Seven, $12.95 at; Kitten's Tea Party Nightgown, $89.00 at; Raymond Round Snack Box in Golden Caramel, $15.00 at; Risa's Pieces Rainbow Necklace, $29.00 at; Fluf Flip Snack in Moss, $8.95 at; First and Last Day of School Pencil Signs, $26.00 at

Write On Pencil Set Compliments, $10.00 at; Sticker Book Issue Five, $12.00 at; Izipizi Sunglasses, $40.00 at; Bear Pyjama in Pink, $89.00 at; Tiny Human Print Co Empowerment Sticker Book, $10.50 at; Pom Pom Nightgown, $89.00 at; Bear Print Eye Mask, $25.00 at; Meri Meri Enamel Week Day Hair Clips, $18.00 at; Pink Mini Mushroom Lamp, $120.00 at; Angel Wing Print Pyjama in Pink, $89.00 at; Stoney Clover Customized Lunch Tote, $78.00 at; 7 Pack of Flower Print Days of The Week Briefs, £107.00 at; Lilies and Roses Butterflies Pearlized pastel Barretts, $21.00 at; Recycled Waterproof Printed Backpack in Rose Dragonfly, $75.00 at

Banwood Skateboard, $99.00 at; Silicone Alphabet Tracing Board, $22.00 at; Steiff Little Friend Hanno Hanoverian, $57.00 at; Darla Sunglasses in Sandy $31.00 at; Vada Vest in Pecan Sandy Mix, $65.00 at; Falk Steel Water Bottle in Alphabet Sandy, $30.00 at; Otto The Loyal Long Dog Book, $14.00 at; Equestrian Pyjamas, $89.00 at; Ria Umbrella Leopard Sandy Golden Carmel. $31.00 at; Allan Backpack Medium in Mist, $60.00 at; Kirby Weekly Planner in All Together Sandy, $21.00 at; Arthur Steel Lunch Box in Alphabet Sandy, $33.00 at Liewood; Pointelle Crawler Set in Crown Biscuit, $149.00 at

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